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Mitterrand à Vichy

Villa Jasmin

Plus tard tu comprendras

Je vous ai compris, De Gaulle 1958 - 1962

Changer la vie

Roses à crédit

Un Flic


Le Bal des Secrets



Presque comme les autres

Manon 20 ans

La Consolation

Une Ile


Les Hautes Herbes

Dance of Secrets

2013 - 2x110’



In "Dance of Secrets", secrets are unearthed when a young stranger comes to town after the man she just married, a farmer up to his neck in debt, dies unexpectedly. The secrets involve a family of farmers led by a matriarchal figure who clings to her land and a traditional way of farming, while her son dreams of leasing the land to outside developers, and her daughter still holds a grudge against the town she left 18 years ago, pregnant. When an old dancefloor is dusted off and mounted, tragic memories are stirred up for some...but for others, the event offers a way to come together again.




Concept : Jean-Luc Seigle


Scriptwriters : Anne-Marie Catois and Jean-Luc Seigle


Director : Christophe Barbier


Cast : Macha Méril, Fanny Cottençon, Maeva Pasquali, Hélène Stadnicki, Dimitri Rataud, Cyril Mourali, Daniel San Pedro, Olivier Cruveiller, Alexandre Skarbek, Florent Bigot de Nesles ...


Broadcaster : France 3



©Angela Rossi

©Angela Rossi

©Angela Rossi