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Mitterrand à Vichy

Villa Jasmin

Plus tard tu comprendras

Je vous ai compris, De Gaulle 1958 - 1962

Changer la vie

Roses à crédit

Un Flic


Le Bal des Secrets



Presque comme les autres

Manon 20 ans

La Consolation

Une Ile


Les Hautes Herbes


2020 - 6x52’



Chloé is a young woman who does not mingle much with other young people on the island. She was found in a cave as a child and suffers due to the fact that she never knew her parents. She is dragged along to a party on the beach, where a boy who forces a kiss from her falls into an extended state of unconsciousness.

Two fishermen disappear at sea. In the hull of their boat, we discover Théa, a splendid woman, strange and calmly confident in her powers of seduction.

Bruno, a cop brought over from the mainland for the occasion understands her. She has come looking for Chloé.

A relationship of animality/humanity will play out between the two women, and love will become a danger, both to men and to them.

The series lies between land and sea, between realism and fantasy, ancient mythology and modern ecology, the Romanesque and the romantic.




Concept : Simon Moutaïrou and Marcia Romano


Scriptwriters : Gaia Guasti and Aurélien Molas


Director : Julien Trousselier


Cast : Noée Abita, Laetitia Casta, Sergi Lopez, Albai Gaia Bellugi, Manuel Severi…


Broadcaster : Arte



2019 - Best French Series Award - Séries Mania


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