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Harkis (Unitaire)

Point Nemo (4 ou 6x52 min)

Mitterrand à Vichy

Plaine Orientale (8x52 min)

Villa Jasmin (Unitaire)

Sur l'autre rive (6x52 min)

Plus tard tu comprendras (Unitaire)

Lost in depression (10x26 min)

Je vous ai compris, De Gaulle 1958 - 1962

Changer la vie

Le monde n'existe pas (4x52 min)

Roses à crédit (Unitaire)

Un Flic (Unitaire)

Rapace (Unitaire)

Le Bal des Secrets (2x52')

Mafiosa (5 saisons 8x52')

3xManon (3x52')

Presque comme les autres (Unitaire)

Manon 20 ans (3x52')

La Consolation (Unitaire)

Une Ile (6x52')

Paris-Brest (Unitaire)

Les Hautes Herbes (3x52')




Chloé is a young woman who does not mingle much with other young people on the island. She was found in a cave as a child and suffers due to the fact that she never knew her parents. She is dragged along to a party on the beach, where a boy who forces a kiss from her falls into an extended state of unconsciousness.

Two fishermen disappear at sea. In the hull of their boat, we discover Théa, a splendid woman, strange and calmly confident in her powers of seduction.

Bruno, a cop brought over from the mainland for the occasion understands her. She has come looking for Chloé.

A relationship of animality/humanity will play out between the two women, and love will become a danger, both to men and to them.

The series lies between land and sea, between realism and fantasy, ancient mythology and modern ecology, the Romanesque and the romantic.




Concept : Simon Moutaïrou and Marcia Romano


Scriptwriters : Gaia Guasti and Aurélien Molas


Director : Julien Trousselier


Cast : Noée Abita, Laetitia Casta, Sergi Lopez, Albai Gaia Bellugi, Manuel Severi…


Broadcaster : Arte



2019 - Best French Series Award - Séries Mania


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