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Mitterrand à Vichy

Villa Jasmin

Plus tard tu comprendras

Je vous ai compris, De Gaulle 1958 - 1962

Changer la vie

Roses à crédit

Un Flic


Le Bal des Secrets



Presque comme les autres

Manon 20 ans

La Consolation

Une Ile


Les Hautes Herbes

Almost Like Us

2016 - 90’



Deeply in love, Séverine and Christophe are young parents who must quickly accept that something's not right with their son Tom, despite the countless experts reassuring them otherwise. It'll be three years before he is officially diagnosed with autism. Despite the sleepless nights, their inability to rely on others, Tom's difficulty expressing his feelings, and the pressure on their couple, they manage to stay together. Even if Christophe occasionally finds solace sitting alone in a church...or with a bottle. Even if Séverine has no one else to talk to. Together they struggle to come to grips with their son's condition, and through perseverance discover a way to help Tom come out of his shell.


CrEdits  :


Based on the novel « Louis, pas à pas » of Gersende and Francis Perrin, Ed. JC Lattès


Scriptwriters : Pascale Bailly, with the collaboration of Gersende and Francis Perrin


Director : Renaud Bertrand


Cast : Bernard Campan, Julie-Marie Parmentier, Côme Rossignol de la Ronde, Marie-Anne Chazel ...


Broadcaster : France 2


In co-production with Be-FILMS



2017 - Laurier of Best Actor for Bernard Campan - 22nd Cérémonie des Lauriers de la Radio et de la Télévision

2015 - Represented France to Eurovision - Festival in Roma

2015 - Official Secltion to the Festival de la Fiction TV de La Rochelle


©Laurent Denis

©Laurent Denis